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International Economics and Finance (4 cr)

Code: LT00BP64-3003

General information


15.10.2021 - 06.03.2022


21.03.2022 - 04.05.2022


4 op

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, DP in International Business
  • Gateway to International Business


  • Nicolas Martinez

Student groups

  • IB20
  • IGWIB22S
    Gateway to International Business


The student knows the basics of international trade policy and international competitiveness. He/she knows the principles of of international capital flows and financing.


- business in the international markets
- international competitiveness
- international financing
- trade policies


Course's lectures, lecture slides and book Wild, J. & Wild, K. (2020). International Business: challenges of globalization, ninth edition.

Teaching methods

Lectures, group work, group report. and exam.

Student workload

Working hours 108, from which 20 hours are lectures and presentations, and 88 hours self-study/work.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

Students are able to define basic concepts regarding international trade and economics. Students are familiar with the effects of the changes in the international economy to national economies and their lives.

Assessment criteria, good (3)

Students are able to select, interpret and analyze appropriate extracts from the news media. Students are able to explain the basic concepts of international trade, and the factors of production.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

Students are able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current economic issues and data, apply economic concepts and theories to real-world situations. Students can examine economic concepts and theories from international perspective and use economic concepts and examples to construct and present an argument. Student shows knowledge of international economics models and theories and the role of international trade.

Assessment methods and criteria

Group work and presentation 30%, report 30% and exam 40%.