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Quality technology (3 cr)

Code: KC00CC29-3002

General information


03.12.2021 - 23.01.2022


10.01.2022 - 27.02.2022


3 op

Teaching languages

  • Finnish

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


  • Heikki Heiskanen

Student groups

  • KONE19


Upon completion of the course, students will
- understand the significance of quality in the operations of a company.
- understand the more common philosophies and consepts of quality.
- know the principals of continuous improvement and the improvement of quality.


- Significance of quality
- Quality management
- Quality control manuals
- Quality control costs
- Influence of quality on society
- Countinuous improvement of quality
- Quality standards and quality awards criteria

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

Level 1 - 2; Student knows the basics of the knowledge objectives of the course.

Assessment criteria, good (3)

Level 3 - 4; Student knows the knowledge objectives of the course well.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

Level 5; Student knows the knowledge objectives of the course well and can apply their knowledge in practice.


No previous studies are required.