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Basics of Entrepreneurship (3 op)

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16.04.2022 - 07.09.2022


05.09.2022 - 16.10.2022


3 op


SeAMK International Business


SeAMK Seinäjoki, Frami


  • Suomi


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, DP in International Business


  • Harrison Okuogume


  • IB22A
    Tradenomi (AMK), International Business


The student
• is able to outline the entrepreneurial competences and to reflect on their own goals and strengths in relation to them
• recognizes human cognitive structures in themselves and in interaction with other people
• understands the importance of the tolerance of uncertainty in their actions and interaction
• is able to describe and consider social, cultural and economic value and to perceive their differences
• recognizes the contextuality of value and the different structures in which it can be created
• is able to analyse different value chains and networks
• is able to describe the importance of entrepreneurship for society and national economy as well as to recognize different manifestations of entrepreneurship in everyday life
• is able to describe the preconditions for profitable business activity
• knows the stages of the establishment of a company
• knows the entrepreneurship opportunities at SeAMK


• Entrepreneurial competence, self-knowledge and self-efficacy, motivation, human systems of thought, uncertainty tolerance, and processing of disappointments
• Value creation, recognition of value chains and networks in different environments, value creation in different structures, such as companies and associations
• Basic concepts of entrepreneurship and business and earnings logic, economic literacy, risk management
• Stages of the establishment of business activities
• Business plan as a tool for structuring a business idea (for fields of study other than Business)
• Business activities as part of society, entrepreneurship as part of life
• Deepening of the student’s entrepreneurial skills at SeAMK (SeAMK Yritystalli, SeAMKPro, SeiES, etc.)


To be provided by the lecturer. Other supporting literature will be available from the SeAMK library.


Class activities
Group or team work

Opiskelijan ajankäyttö ja kuormitus

There will be total of 81 hours.

- 16 hours for lecturing and in-class activities
- 57 hours for Individual or teams activities
- 8 hours for presentations



Arviointikriteeri, hyväksytty/hylätty

To pass the course, the student is required to actively participate in it and to pass all the assignments. In the assignments, the student shows they understand the creation of social, cultural and economic value and reflects on their importance in business and society. The student demonstrates they know the basic concepts of business and are able to describe the preconditions for profitable business activity. The student demonstrates they are able to reflect on their own relationship with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competence.

Arviointimenetelmät ja arvioinnin perusteet

% Grade
50 - 59 = 1

69 - 60 = 2

79 - 70 = 3

89 - 80 = 4

100 - 90 = 5