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As an Expert in the Social and Health Field (2 cr)

Code: STPO101-3048

General information


31.08.2021 - 30.09.2021


01.01.2022 - 31.05.2022


2 op

Virtual proportion (cr)

2 op

Teaching languages

  • Finnish

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Nursing
  • Degree Programme in Social Services
  • Degree Programme in Public Health Nursing
  • Degree Programme in Physiotherapy


  • Pirkko Mäntykivi
  • Anita Keski-Hirvi
  • Else Vierre
  • Anna-Kaarina Koivula
  • Taja Kiiskilä

Student groups

  • SOS21B
  • SOS21C


Students become familiar with the area of expertise, range of work and tasks pertaining to degree programmes in social services and health care. Students are able to describe how social and health care professionals together assume responsibility for holistically helping people/clients/patients and learn what is common to the professions and how they complement each other. Students become motivated to learn more about other social and health care students' competence and to use this knowledge during their studies and later at work


- contents of degree programmes in social services and health care
- case management and service coordination, client-centred approach
- multi-professional care and service pathways in social services and health care

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Scale passed/fail.
Students are able to recognize factors related to field of expertise, professional fields and professional tasks of the Degree Programmes in Social and Health Care. The students have knowledge, how the professionals of social and health care are together in charge of peoples/clients/patients holistic help. They recognize what elements all the professions have in common and how they complement each other.


previous studies are not required