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Research Writing Skills (2 cr)

Code: KD19BRW006-3006

General information


15.10.2021 - 06.03.2022


07.03.2022 - 25.05.2022


2 op

Virtual proportion (cr)

2 op

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, DP in International Business
  • Gateway to International Business


  • Cory Isaacs

Student groups

  • IB20
  • IGWIB22S
    Gateway to International Business


The student is able to recognize the phases of research process and to apply the fundamentals of research in his/her bachelor thesis. The student knows how to write academically and is able to recognize the features of academic and formal writing. The student is able to utilize this in writing the thesis.
Students can find international and academic sources related to course tasks. Students can relate material to sustainability, and career guidance with a focus on entrepreneurship.


Part 1. Research work, research topic, research process, principal methods
Part 2. Requirements of academic writing


Material provided by teacher.

Teaching methods

Independent work

Student workload

54 hours in total
4 hours in class
50 hours independent study

Further information

Students must progress through the course according to the schedule.
Students must hand in all tasks at the deadlines and the tasks must be at an acceptable level.
Inactive students will get an immediate fail for the course and be removed.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Pass - Fail

The student actively takes part in the course and completes all exercises and tasks. The student completes all the assignments required at least at a satisfactory level. The student understands the specific requirements of research writing. The student can write academic paragraphs and provide proper sourcing techniques.

The student dos not complete all exercises and tasks. The student does not complete all the assignments required at a satisfactory level. The student does not understands the differences between academic writing and general writing. The student is not able to properly apply academic writing referencing techniques.