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Tunnus: AE00CW65


• Students can describe technical devices, its use and features.
• Students can tell about companies.
• Students can write business letters.
• Students are able to summarize texts both orally and in writing.
• Students understand demanding, field-related texts and terminology.
• Students are able to use formal vocabulary both orally and in writing.


- Reading and writing field-related texts
- Writing summaries and reports
- Using formal style
- Writing business letters
- Describing technical devices
- Telling about field related companies

Arviointikriteerit, tyydyttävä (1)

There are lots of major errors in the student's written expression and problems with the fluency of text. Their text is simple but coherent and intelligible.
There are lots of mistakes and mispronunciations in the student's oral expression and the pronunciation differs from that of the target language. Despite the problems, the message is mainly intelligible. If the text is read directly from written notes or slides, the maximum grade is 1 to 2.
The students masters the basic vocabulary and key grammatical structures in a limited way.

Arviointikriteerit, hyvä (3)

There are some minor errors in the student's written expression, but the message is still conveyed without problems. Their text is fluent and consistent, as well as written using basic structures correctly.
There are some mispronunciations and grammatical errors in the student's oral expression, but they do not disturb the conveying of the message. Good, fluent basic language skills, presented relatively spontaneously, yet based to some extent on notes. Hesitation slows down the student's speech.
The students masters the basic vocabulary and field-specific vocabulary quite well. The student uses key grammatical structures quite faultlessly.

Arviointikriteerit, kiitettävä (5)

The student's written expression is faultless, very fluent, and the student pays attention to stylistic matters required by professional-life communication situations. They also use complex syntactic structures in their text.
There are no mistakes in oral expression; the student's pronunciation is authentic and their speed of speech is appropriate. Overall, their speech is spontaneous, fluent narration, which the listener can easily follow. The student reacts in an adequate way in interactive situations.
The students masters a large vocabulary and uses grammatical structures fluently and in a varied way.


Isaacs, Pesso, Rasimus, Rönkä: Engineer Your English. Edita. Latest edition.
Other material as indicated by the teacher.


Prerequisite: English studies at an upper secondary school or corresponding knowledge gained otherwise.