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Empowerment in Social Work: IEPSW22F

Code: IEPSW22F

0.5 years (32 cr)

Start semester:
Autumn 2022


The study program includes the follwing study courses carries out in english language: Introduction to Social Work Studies in Finland, Introduction to Welfare Society, Empowering Social Work, Facilitaing Activity-based Groups, Use of Pictures in Group Activities, Communication and Media in Social Work, Practical Training: Methods of Empowerment in Social Work.
Exchange students and students of the degree program study together both during theory courses ande during practical training.


The programme will be developed by reflecting all experiences that different co-operative partners have introduced and by using the information of the students' study course feedback system.
Co-operation with the world of work will happen in the shape of practical training. Students will take the needs and the inputs of the social work field into account when they plan and carry out their practical training.

Further information

The study program will be carried out in the autumn semester. The studets of the study program have possibility to sign themselves to study courses in may. The studies can be chosen to the studies in the first, the second and the third year.


Students who have accomplished the program, will know the basic principles of Nordic Welfare State and they will be able to view welfare state from international comparative perspective. Students will know the structure and current challenges of finnish social work education. They are able to place empowering social work methods in to the context of social work professions. They will have skills to apply creative and empowering methods during their practical training.

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Code Name Credits (cr) 2022-2023 Autumn
1. / 2022 2. / 2022
Empowerment in Social Work

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BE00BT36 Introduction to Social Work Studies in Finland 3 3 3 1.5 1.5
SOSEM20 Introduction to Welfare Society 3 3 3 1.5 1.5
SOSEM30 Empowering Social Work 4 4 4 2 2
SOSEM40 Facilitating Activity-Based Groups 4 4 4 2 2
SOSEM50 Use of Pictures in Group Activities 4 4 4 2 2
SOSEM60 Communication and Media in Social Work 4 4 4 2 2
SOSEM70 Practical Training: Methods of Empowerment in Social Work 10 10 10 5 5
Total 32 32 32 16 16

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.