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Sneak Peek of Finnish Nursing Education: IEPN22S

Code: IEPN22S

0.5 years (26 cr)

Start semester:
Spring 2022


These studies belong to exchange programme in nursing.
Professional studies in the programme include theoretical studies and simulations.
Some courses are conducted in multi-professional groups and also with other exchange students from various fields of studies.


This curricula is developed together with SeAMK Alumnus and in close relation with Finnish Health Care.

Further information

Pedagogical model used at SeAMK in DP in Nursing

In DP in Nursing the pedagogical approach follows SeAMK's pedagogical model which is
social constructivism. In this model students are active in their learning process and they achieve skillls for life long learning.
Teachers have a role as mentors and the teachers help the students to develop their evidence-based knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitude, which are required in Registered Nurse's high quality profession, that comes with a grate responsibility of a patient and his/ her next-of-kin.
Registered Nurses work as team members and team leaders in multi-professional co-operation. These skills are practiced in group works, laboratory skills lessons and in simulations in various learning environments and in close relation with working life.
Group works, laboratory skills and simulations are part of our collaborative learning method where students can learn together and from each others.
In simulations students give and get feedback in collegial manner which helps their professional interaction and growth as experts in Nursing.

Theoretical studies are partially online.


The student in SeAMK DP in Nursing achieves competencies that are required in Eu directive 2013/55/EU.

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Code Name Credits (cr) 2021-2022 Spring
3. / 2022 4. / 2022 5. / 2022
Professional Studies

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0 16 16 8 8
IE00CZ13 Countdown to Finnish Nursing 2 2 2 2
BA00CU05 Perioperative Nursing 2 2 2 2
BA00CW08 Perioperative Nursing - Simulations 3 3 3 3
BA00CW45 Pre-Hospital Emergency Care 2 2 2 2
BA00CW46 Pre-Hospital Emergency Care - Simulations 3 3 3 3
BA00CW40 Human Errors in Nursing - Viewpoints on Patient Safety 2 2 2 1 1
BA00CP24 Gerontological Nursing 3 3 3 1.5 1.5
BA00CU04 Palliative and End of Life Care 2 2 2 2
BA00CU03 Infectious Diseases and Vaccination Skills 2 2 2 2
BA00CO68 Professional Interaction and Clinical Skills - Simulations 3 3 3 3
BA00CO90 Clinical Training Promoting Health Individually and Globally 4 4 4 4
Total 26 28 28 13.5 14.5 0

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.