Avoin AMK Polkuopetussuunnitelma ,Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse, DP in Nursing, For international students


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Lukuvuodet 1
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Building Competence
Studying at a University of Applied Sciences 2
Career planning and internationalisation 2                  
Communication Skills 3
Business and Entrepreneurship Competence
Basics of Entrepreneurship 3                  
SeAMK Innovation Week 2
Research and Project Work Skills
Introduction to Research and Development 2                  
Introduction to Project Work 3                  
Registered Nurse's Language Skills
Professional Finnish 1 3
Professional English Language 2
Implementing Evidence-Based Knowledge in Nursing
Health and Social Services in Finland 2
Evidence-Based Nursing and Information Searching 2
Wellbeing Technologies in Health and Social Services 2
Registered Nurse's Competencies in Medication and Fluid Care
Medication Management and Drug Calculations 4
Medication and Fluid Care I 2
Registered Nurse's Core Competencies Module I
Ethicality in Nursing 2
Sustainable Development and Global Health 2
Functions of the Human Body 4
Diagnostic Examinations in Nursing 2
Basics of Clinical Nursing 5
Registered Nurse's Core Competencies Module II
Medical Nursing 3
Infectious Diseases and Vaccination Skills 2
Gerontological Nursing 3
Palliative and End of Life Care 2
Professional Interaction and Clinical Skills - Simulations 3
Supervised Clinical Training in Nursing Studies
Clinical Training in the Basics of Clinical Nursing 7
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Professional Free- Choice Studies
(Valitaan opintoja 0 op)
Finnish Society and Culture 3                  
Multi-Field-Project Studies 5                  
Ready for Take Off 2                  
Perioperative Nursing - Simulations 3                  
Human Errors in Nursing - Viewpoints on Patient Safety 2                  
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care 2                  
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care - Simulations 3                  
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Avoin AMK Polkuopetussuunnitelma ,Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse, DP in Nursing

This curriculum is for open UAS students. The curriculum includes first year studies and Basic Studies Common To All In SEAMK (Open UAS Path Studies, Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse, DP in Nursing). There is also some personal study planning in the open university's path studies.

The structure of the Degree Programme in Nursing is based on both general and Nurse`s profession-specific competencies. A Registered Nurse (RN) graduating from Seinäjoki UAS has the aptitudes (knowledge, skills and attitude) to act as an expert of nursing in various fields of work in health care, to work in cooperation with the clients, their next-of-kin, as well as in a multi-professional team. Furthermore, a Registered Nurse is able to develop their work and profession in a responsible manner using evidence-based information.

Students deepen and extend their nursing competencies in advanced professional studies during the last semester. This Nursing Degree Programme does not include particular specialization education in a specific area of nursing. The nursing education (210cr) in SeAMK entitles the students to work as licensed Registered Nurses for example in the public sector (primary health care or specialized health care), in the private sector, or in the third sector with various organizations. Registered Nurses may work as experts of nursing in home care, nursing homes, service centres, health centres, outpatient clinics, emergency medical services, emergency clinics, and wards. A Registered Nurse is also competent to work as an entrepreneur, in projects, with different organizations, or in international activities.

After graduation, the Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) will grant, upon application, the graduate the right to practice as a licensed or authorized professional nurse by entering her or him into the Finnish central register of health care professionals. The nursing education in Seinäjoki UAS meets the standards set out in the European Union Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications, which allows for the comparability of the degree and employability as a nurse in the EU countries.

Pedagogial approach:

In DP in Nursing the pedagogical approach follows SeAMK's pedagogical model, which is
social constructivism. In this model, students are active in their learning process and they achieve skills for lifelong learning and they enhance their evidence-based knowledge.
Teachers have a role as mentors and they help students to develop their evidence based knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitude, which are required in Registered
Nurse's high quality profession, that comes with a grate responsibility of their patients and patients’ next-of-kin.
Registered Nurses work as team members and team leaders in multi-professional co-operation. Skills that are needed when working as a team member and team leader are practiced in group works, laboratory skills lessons and in simulations in various learning environments and in close relation to working life.
Group work, laboratory skills and simulations are part of our collaborative learning method where students can learn together and from each other.
In simulations, students give and get feedback in a collegial manner, which helps their professional interaction and growth as experts in Nursing.
Some study modules can happen abroad, during an exchange, according to an individual study plan. In addition, students can complete courses within SeAMKPro multidisciplinary learning environment according to an individual study plan.

Supervised practical training (90cr) consists of work in various fields of nursing or projects. Practical training serves the purpose of integrating theoretical and practical knowledge. The training periods follow the routines of the workplaces, which may involve work in three shifts on any days of the week.
Structure of studies (210 Ects):
-Basic studies common to all in Seinäjoki UAS (20cr)
-Professional studies of Nursing (188cr), from which Final Thesis 15 cr
-Free-choice studies (5-8cr)
The Bachelor’s Thesis (15 ects) is implemented in co-operation with the working life and it involves applying evidence-based knowledge of nursing science. The thesis is most commonly carried out in pairs.

In the Degree Programme of Nursing (RN) (210 cr) there is National Competence - exam and in different clinical comptence courses clinical competence -exams (competence in clinical nursing, medical nursing, surgical and perioperative nursing, child, adolescent and family nursing, mental health and substance abuse nursing, gerontological nursing, nursing in different service environments and nursing in need of special support).

Nursing students at Seinäjoki UAS have an opportunity to participate in international exchange programmes, and also get credits for international intensive courses organized abroad.
RN students can actively get involved in common courses and activities for international degree and exchange students, for example by participating in free choice studies available to all. Co-operation between Finnish and international students is important, as it facilitates familiarization with different cultures and societies and promotes understanding diversity. Parts of the study materials are in english.

Students co-operate with various health and social care organizations, for example during practical training periods and projects, as well as when writing their Bachelor’s Thesis.
Students can also co-operate with students of other fields from different faculties during projects, international exchange programmes, SeamkPro multidisciplinary studies, or when writing their Bachelor’s Thesis.

The curriculum includes five seams permeating through the studies and extending over them. They are based on SeAMK’s reports, studies and strategy, as well as on the national and international recommendations and regulations related to education provided by universities of applied sciences:
The Information Search seam strengthens the student’s professional and field-specific information search skills throughout the studies. The basis of the nursing education is evidence-based learning, which is one of the central red lines. Information seeking and using are the essential parts in this learning process in the all studies.

The Internationalization seam secures the improvement of the student’s international competencies during their studies. The Registered Nurse`s profession is international, therefore in the contents of the education there are multiculturalism, the meeting of the people from the different cultures, teaching and learning in the foreign languages, international exchange periods abroad, acting as a international tutor, home internationalization.

The studies corresponding to the Entrepreneurship seam help the student understand the central and growing role of entrepreneurship in society. Acting according the principles of Entrepreneurship has an important part in the nurse`s profession. In the contents of studies there are internal and external Entrepreneurship and also economic thinking, which support the nurse`s Entrepreneurship. During the renewing of the structures of health and social services we have to account the private sector and voluntary organizations as the producers of the services in the contents of the studies.

The Sustainable Development seam makes the student aware of social responsibility and helps them understand the diversity of sustainable development as a working life skill. In the different phases of the education in the connections with different courses students learn about the sustainable development from different point of view.

The seam of Career Guidance helps the student recognize their competencies and own strengths. It also includes working life knowledge, job search skills, and lifelong learning. The model of the career development is implementing clearly in the study courses of Nurse`s Profession and career development.

For international students