Avoin AMK Polkuopetussuunnitelma, Bachelor of Business Administration, DP in International Business


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Lukuvuodet 1
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Basic Studies Common to all in SeAMK
Building Competence
Studying at a University of Applied Sciences 2
Career planning and internationalisation 2                  
Communication Skills 3
ICT Skills 3
Business and Entrepreneurship Competence
Basics of Entrepreneurship 3
SeAMK Innovation Week 2
Research and Project Work Skills
Introduction to Research and Development 2                  
Introduction to Project Work 3
Programme-specific Basic Studies
Introduction to IB programme 2
Setting up an Enterprise 4
Running and Developing an Enterprise 4
Basics of Marketing 3
Basics of Accounting 3
Company law and corporate governance 3
Human Resource Management and Organisations 3
Business Communication 2
Introduction to Economics 4
Business Mathematics 4
Alternative Professional Studies
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Developing Research and Professional Skills
Professional Writing Skills 3
Professional Studies Identified in Personal Curriculum
(Valitaan opintoja 15 op)
Mobility Studies
(Valitaan opintoja 15 op)
Project Studies
(Valitaan opintoja 15 op)
Multi-Field Project Studies
(Valitaan opintoja 15 op)
Language Studies
(Valitaan opintoja 18 op)
Mandatory language studies for Finnish students
Finnish Business Communication 3
Business Swedish 3
Swedish Business Communication 3
Julkisyhteisöjen henkilöstön ruotsin kielen taito, kirjallinen 0                  
Julkisyhteisöjen henkilöstön ruotsin kielen taito, suullinen 0                  
Mandatory language studies for non Finnish students
Finnish 1 3
Finnish 2 3
Finnish 3 3
Alternative Language Studies: Finnish students choose min. 9 cr/ Non Finnish students choose min. 6 cr
(Valitaan opintoja 9 op)
German 1 3
German 2 3
Venäjä 1 (Russian 1) 3
Venäjä 2 (Russian 2) 3
Espanja 1 / Spanish 1 3
Espanja 2 / Spanish 2 3
Ranska 1 (French 1) 3
Basic Swedish 1 3
Basic Swedish 2 3
(Valitaan opintoja 8 op)
Knowledge Management 3                  
Current Trends in Digital Business 2                  
Doing Business in English 3                  
International Negotiation Skills 3                  
Circular Economy Project 3                  
Online Business Project 5                  
Gateway Inno 2                  
Business Project 6                  
eSport Management Project 6                  
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This curriculum is for open UAS students. The curriculum includes first year studies and Basic Studies Common To All In SEAMK (Open UAS Path Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration, DP in International Business). There is also some personal study planning in the open university's path studies.


The Degree Programme in Business Management leads to the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA: The length of the programme is 210 ECTS credits (3.5 years).

The objective of the Degree Programme in International Business, which is taught in English, is to prepare students for specialised tasks in international business and marketing. The students get an overall picture of business management and will focus on the international operations of companies and organisations. The degree programme is based on well-founded understanding of entrepreneurship and small- and medium-sized enterprises. Students also acquire good practical language skills. At the final stage of their studies, students are given an opportunity to deepen their knowledge by the following study modules:
- International Marketing
- Industrial Management
- Digital Business
- Sustainable Management
- Sport Management and eSport
- Global trade

Students also have an opportunity engaging in the following:

- Y-Zone Business Hub - Business Incubator provides students with the opportunity to develop their own business idea and competence as an entrepreneur while they study.
- Students have the opportunity to participate in a multi-field project programme in which commissioned projects are conducted in interdisciplinary student teams.
- Students have the opportunity to complete a double degree, one in SeAMK and one in a partner institution abroad.


The Degree Programme in International Business provides students with qualifications for a large range of various jobs on the global market in Finland and abroad. Bachelors of Business Administration graduating from the Degree Programme in International Business may work in jobs such as:

- professional tasks in international business: export manager, sales manager, product manager, export assistant, marketing assistant, sales assistant, marketing planner, marketing communications planner, sales negotiator, customer service coordinator

In addition, emphasis on various areas of studies provides students with career opportunities in a number of specialised jobs.

In the Degree Programme in International Business teaching is implemented in accordance with the model of integrative learning. The basic components of expertise: theoretical knowledge, practical skills, self-regulation knowledge and skills and socio-cultural knowledge are tightly integrated. The implementation of the curriculum focuses on experiential learning in a multicultural environment. Learning begins from students' concrete experiences, which they analyse and reflect upon. Self-assessment contributes to the understanding of phenomena and development of new modes of action.

Basic studies involve running a virtual enterprise, and learning is based on practical tasks. During the professional studies, emphasis is placed on increasing project activities, in the international context as well. Courses can also be completed in a simulated environment with multicultural groups and in online learning environments. In the bachelor's thesis theoretical knowledge is applied to practical problem-solving and business development.