Elective Course Offering
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Free choice studies 2018-19: Summer period, 3.6. - 25.8.2019 (ilmoittautuminen 15.3.2019 alkaen)

Students will understand the importance of bioenergy as a part of the current and future energy policies in Finland. Students will be familiar with the production process and logistics of the most common bioenergy sources in Finland.

LTYP106 Basics of Business Mathematics 3 cr
LT00BE32 Basics of desktop publishing 2 cr
KA01CKATE15 Bioenergy 5 cr
GERAPJ500 Case Management 4 cr
YPO3A3 Communication Skills 3 cr
KD18BAKM04 Culture history 5 cr
KC00AMT1020 Differential and integral calculus 3 cr
SO00BB48 Empowering Social Work 4 cr
SOSAVY40 Empowering Social Work 4 cr
KC23BK20014 Engineering drawing and CAD 1 3 cr
LT00BE77 Ethics and business operations 3 cr
FYS10AVO16 Exercise and sports as a support for the comprehensive development of children and young people 5 cr
SOSAPS30 Family Counselling 4 cr
SOSATK40 Foresight-Based Development 3 cr
LT00BS02 German 3 3 cr
GERAEV400 Gerontechnology 3 cr
LT00BK81 How to use Excel for research work 3 cr
YPO4A3 ICT Skills 3 cr
YPO1C2 Introduction to Research and Development 2 cr
SOSAPJ40 Introduction to Social Welfare Legislation 4 cr
2800BU60 Live production 3 cr
8A00CG99 Multiprofessional automation 4 cr
LT00BI26 Online Communication Skills in English 2 cr
KF08DVV2000 Pahuuden sosiologia 2 cr
LT00BI27 Personal Branding 2 cr
KD00DVVO001 Read and Listen Russian 2 cr
KD18F01 Research Methodology 3 cr
KC23BK20051 Statics 3 cr
TLXM3550 Statistical Mathematics 5 cr
SOSAVY20 Structural Social Work 4 cr
KD18BKIM02 Swedish for Working Life 3 cr
KE16CYVO186 Swedish online 3 cr
KE16D113121 Work safety 2 cr