Elective Course Offering
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Siltaopinnot 2020-2021

KA00BW81 Agrotechnology 10 cr
KC00CB49 Algebra and geometry 4 cr
LTYP106 Basics of Business Mathematics 3 cr
SH00BY01 Basics of Clinical Nursing 1 4 cr
XX00CN09 Basics of Entrepreneurship, Siltaopinnot 3 cr
KA00BW69 Basics of Farm Animal Housing And Welfare 5 cr
KD07APLA010 Basics of accounting 5 cr
KC00CB89 Basics of programming 1 3 cr
RAK2G1 Building construction 5 cr
RAK1B4 Business Mathematics and Statistics 3 cr
XX00CT61 Career planning and internationalisation 2 cr
YPO3A3 Communication Skills 3 cr
8D00CK28 Construction materials 2 cr
LTYA101 Customer Service as a Success Factor 3 cr
KC00CB61 Electrical and thermal physics 3 cr
KC00CB87 Electrical engineering and electronics 4 cr
KC00CB71 Engineering drawing and CAD 1 3 cr
YE00BW43 English 5 cr
LTVVO102 English, preparatory course 2 cr
SH00BX73 Ethicality in Nursing 2 cr
BD00BX83 Health-Promoting Nursing and Information Searching 1 4 cr
YP00BW33 Introduction to Project Work 3 cr
YP00CB37 Introduction to Project Work 3 cr
XX00CN10 Introduction to Research and Development, Siltaopinnot 2 cr
8C00CB75 Material technique 1 4 cr
9A00BW45 Mathematics 5 cr
KD07APMT020 Mathematics, preparatory course 2 cr
KC00CB59 Mechanics 3 cr
SH00BX85 National and Global Health 2 cr
SH00BY29 Practical Training in Health Promotion 3 cr
RA00BH64 Refresher course in mathematics 3 cr
YE00BI08 Structure of Food Chain 5 cr
XX00CG82 Studying at a University of Applied Sciences 2 cr
9A00BW67 The countryside as an operating environment 5 cr
KC00CB51 Vectors and matrices 3 cr
8C00CB45 Working English 3 cr