Elective Course Offering
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CampusOnline 2022 summer

9A00CY13 Animal Breeding 5 cr
LT00CM33 Basics of Project Management 2 cr
LT00CK99 Basics of publication software 2 cr
KA00BX11 Bioenergy 5 cr
KD18BAKM04 Culture history 5 cr
LT00CM28 Ethics and Business Operations 3 cr
CA00CX14 Food and nutrition 4 cr
CA00CM32 Get familiar with vegetable protein products 3 cr
XX00DA06 Global virtual professionals: Ace your online presence (not translated) 3 cr
XX00CZ99 Henkilöbrändäys (not translated) 3 cr
9A00BW04 Leadership in agricultural farm 5 cr
9A00CD79 Poultry production 5 cr
KE16CYVO186 Swedish online 3 cr
KE16D113121 Work safety 2 cr