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CampusOnline 2021 summer

BD00CY91 Anatomy and Physiology in Practise 2 cr
9A00CY13 Animal Breeding 5 cr
LT00CM33 Basics of Project Management 2 cr
LT00BE32 Basics of desktop publishing 2 cr
KA01CKATE15 Bioenergy 5 cr
GERAPJ500 Case Management 4 cr
KD18BAKM04 Culture history 5 cr
8C00CY57 Differential and integral calculus 4 cr
LT00CM28 Ethics and Business Operations 3 cr
KD06APSU012 Finnish Language and Culture 3 cr
CA00BS66 Foodstuffs and Nutrition 5 cr
CA00CM32 Get familiar with vegetable protein products 3 cr
LT00BK81 How to use Excel for research work 3 cr
LT00BW03 International Corporate Communication 5 cr
LT00CK59 Internationalization of business 3 cr
9A00BW04 Leadership in agricultural farm 5 cr
CB00CK18 Learn to write about food and nutrition issues in the media 5 cr
XX00CI29 Learning research and development 1: Open science and research 1 cr
XX00CY92 Nurse's coping in acute care 2 cr
XX00CY93 Nursing in acute and critical situations 3 cr
LT00CY94 Online Communication Skills in English 3 cr
BA00CU05 Perioperative Nursing 2 cr
LT00BI27 Personal Branding 2 cr
9A00CD79 Poultry production 5 cr
SOSAPS80 Social Work in Multiprofessional Settings 4 cr
8C00CY58 Statics 4 cr
LT00CK81 Supervisory work 3 cr
8B00CG67 Sustainable food system 5 cr
BE00BS10 Welfare Tehnology 3 cr
KE16D113121 Work safety 2 cr