Elective Course Offering
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CampusOnline 2021 spring

KG00CA17 Assessment of Physical Activity and Health-Related Fitness 2 cr
9A00CN01 Basics for forest ownership 5 cr
LTYP106 Basics of Business Mathematics 3 cr
KA00BW69 Basics of Farm Animal Housing And Welfare 5 cr
9A00CN02 Biogas production in food chain 2 cr
9A00CN08 Business models of circular economy 2 cr
9A00CM08 Carbon cycle and low-carbon food chain 2 cr
YPO3A3 Communication Skills 3 cr
KC00AMT1020 Differential and integral calculus 3 cr
9A00BX01 Domestic animal nutrition and production biology 5 cr
2B00BP47 Editing of Audiovisual Products 5 cr
LT00BE77 Ethics and business operations 3 cr
FYS10AVO16 Exercise and sports as a support for the comprehensive development of children and young people 5 cr
CA00CN07 Food loss and its reduction 2 cr
9A00CI52 Key figures of production cycle and fertility in milk production 5 cr
XX00CI29 Learning research and development 1: Open science and research 1 cr
CA00BS71 Nutrition Communication and Research 5 cr
BB00BU05 Physical Education, Nutrition and Health - The Cornerstones of Wellbeing 5 cr
9A00CD78 Pig production 10 cr
9A00CI30 Protein crops 5 cr
9A00CL17 Protein production - project 5 cr
9A00CN28 SeAMK Food Challenge (2-3ect) 3 cr
SOSPST40 Social Engagement and Marginalization 5 cr
9A00CN03 Solar energy in food chain 2 cr
LT00CK81 Supervisory work 3 cr
BD00CP58 What about perioperative nursing? 2 cr