Master-level Open UAS , Path Studies, Master's Degree Programme in Applied Gerontology


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Year of study 1
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Advanced studies
An ageing society
The diversity and many faces of ageing 5
Developing an age-friendly society 5
Legislation and ethics in gerontology 5
Supporting the well-being of older adults
Promoting physical and cognitive functional capacity 5
Older people's social inclusion and mental well-being 5
Older people's rehabilitation and active everyday life 5
Leadership and managerial work in the operating environments of gerontology
Research methods and knowledge management 5
Free-choice studies
(Select 2 pieces)
International Perspectives to Social Services 5                  
Professionals and Clients of Social Services 5                  
Leadership skills of the future 5                  
Development of clinical evidence-based nursing 5                  
Management of Expertise and Knowledge 5                  
International Collaboration in Health Care and Social Work 5                  
Development and management of occupational health care 5                  
Managing Service Design 5                  
Innovation through co-creation methods 5                  
Strategic renewal of business 5                  
Marketing communication management 5                  
Management of Intellectual Capital 5                  
Other free-choice studies 5                  
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 606060606060606060

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

This curriculum is for master-level Open UAS path students. The curriculum includes first year studies in the Master's Degree Programme in Master's Degree Programme in Applied Gerontology. There is also some personal study planning in the open university's path studies.

The degree provides expertise in applied gerontology, where the aim is to deepen the evidence-based knowledge on areas that are related to aging societies, promotion of health and well-being in older adults and services in the field of gerontology. The focus will be on creating age-friendly societies. The degree supports sustainable development by supporting active participation of older adults and by promoting health and well-being among older populations.
Graduates are eligible for positions which require a Master's degree.

The degree includes courses related to several areas in the field of applied gerontology. Courses include topics such as creating age-friendly societies, promoting health and well-being of older adults and management and leadership in the field of gerontology. Close collaboration with the working life and several stakeholders is a key element during the studies. After completing the degree, students are qualified to work in different sectors (public, private, third) where expertise in ageing is needed.
Within freely chosen studies and in Master’s thesis, the student can focus on her/his own special areas of interest.